Democratic Principles

Victorian government requirements for schools:

The ETR Act (Vic) provides principles on which the delivery of school education in Victoria is to be based.

The following principles apply to all Victorian Catholic schools:

all schools must ensure their programs and teaching are delivered in a manner that supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  • elected government

  • rule of law

  • equal rights for all before the law

  • freedom of religion

  • freedom of speech and association

  • values of openness and tolerance

• all Victorian students, irrespective of the school they attend, where they live, or their social or economic status, should have access to a high quality education which —

  •  realises their learning potential

  •  maximises their education and training achievement

  • promotes enthusiasm for lifelong learning

  • allows parents and guardians to actively participate in the child's education and training.

• information concerning the performance of schools should be publicly available

• parents and guardians have the right to choose an education which is appropriate for their child

• a school community has a right to information concerning the performance of its school

• a parent or guardian of a student and the student have a right to access information about the student's achievement.

Education and Training Reform Act 2006, s 1.2.1