Specialist Classes

  • Visual Arts

  • Physical Education

  • Japanese

  • Performing Arts


Visual Arts

Visual Art lessons at St. James involves students in a variety of enriching visual arts experiences in both two- and three-dimensional media. 
Students learn about many different artists, view a variety of art works, and using that inspiration, express themselves using art. Students work on projects such as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture (including clay) textiles and constructing.Through a wide range of activities, students develop ideas through imagery, thus providing a necessary balance to the wider curriculum.


Physical Education

The students at St. James participate in weekly Physical Education classes. The program focuses on developing complex motor skills and applying these skills in complex games and activities.

 The program in the junior grades focuses on the development of Fundamental Motor skills such as: Catching, Kicking, Running, Jumping, Throwing, Ball Bounce, Leaping, Dodging, Skipping, Forehand Strike, Athletics and Gymnastics.

In the senior grades we look at applying these skills to sport specific games such as: Netball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Softball, Rounders, Newcomb Ball, Skipping, European Handball, Tennis, Athletics and Gymnastics.

The students work independently to improve performance, in small groups, with peers and as a class in all areas. They learn to follow rules and procedures. They learn how to use equipment and space safely, learn how to use tactics to improve game performance and how to describe and analyse the various roles required in competitive sport. The program also includes fitness development and focuses on improving each individual child’s fitness level.





Students at St. James will be immersed into Japanese language and culture through a range of learning experiences which will foster excitement, interest and appreciation of the world around them.

Japanese language will be taught through the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Reading and writing activities will focus on the Japanese writing systems of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, later focussing on the importance of correct stroke order of Japanese characters. Speaking and listening activities will help develop students’ awareness in oral language patterns by experimenting through the Arts (music, dance, drama, media, and visual arts), games and role-play.

Japanese culture and tradition will be taught through activities where students will discover, compare and reflect on cultural similarities between their own life and life in Japan. Initially, language lessons will have a strong focus on students as individuals and their own personal experiences. In later lessons, children will have the opportunity to explore Japanese identity, culture, and community by making links with Japan through ICT and digital communications.



Do your best and good luck!

Performing Arts
In Performing Arts the children will incorporate the following activities:
· Drama· Playing instruments, particularly the glockenspiel and guitar· Perceptual Motor Program· Singing· Creative Dance· Formal Dance· Performance Training
A 40 minute weekly lesson incorporates elements of all of the above. Immersion of the body and mind with a flourish of instinctive fun and creativity form the basis of the lesson. This holistic approach gives the opportunity for each child to express themselves creatively.The Performing Arts program also includes: a choir, a drama club and a band. Apart from periodical performances, an end of the year total school concert will be a highlight.