Connected Learning

At St James we endeavour to provide holistic, challenging and engaging learning experiences. Through deep learning and powerful teaching our students become animated learners. Students should; know themselves, flourish, demonstrate agency and make a difference. We are passionate about providing rich and authentic learning where students not only become informed, but active global citizens.


We strive to ‘connect learning’ at St James where the traditional subjects are embedded in - and across broader learning experiences. We have developed our own Scope and Sequence of learning that is specific to our culture and context. The overarching concept is ‘Courageous Minds’ which provides a framework for learning and teaching and enables staff to consider our Catholic identity, social and emotional learning and the intended curriculum at a holistic level. This assists us to connect the learning for students beyond simply integrating the curriculum. Courageous Minds was inspired by a parent in 2015 and we continue to develop this Scope and Sequence.  


We are striving to embed a culture of ‘growth mindset’ at St James and we value effort and growth in the learning journey of our students. Each of our concepts is designed to challenge all learners to be cognitive of their learning, their learning styles and their mindset.

Our overarching themes for 2017 are:

Term 1: Head, Heart and Hands

Term 2: Our Story

Term 3: To Infinity and Beyond

Term 4: Our Creative Selves