At St. James we have a passion and love for teaching Literacy. Our Foundation to Year Six programs vary developmentally in their approaches, however they share common ideas and themes:

Encourage a Love of Reading:
Through our Daily 5 program, and other classroom learning opportunities, we strive to develop a lifelong love of reading. We immerse our students in a wide range of literature, in multi modal formats, and expose them to a range of genres and perspectives. We provide time for our students to enjoy and read for pleasure. 
A Passion for Writing:
Our students at St. James are very skilled and enthusiastic writers, we develop and scaffold the skills necessary, and provide opportunities for creativity and extension in our classrooms. We understand that our student's develop these skills at different paces, and differentiate instruction to cater for this.
Develop Strong Communicators:
Through our Speaking and Listening programs, we provide opportunities for students to interact with each other, and present their thoughts and learning. Our programs encourage students to be confident presenters and good listeners. 
A Contemporary Approach to the English Curriculum:
Through the use of ICT, flexible learning options, and personalised learning goals, we aim to cater for students at their point of need. We understand children learn differently to each other, and we keep this in mind when planning classroom experiences. 
Use of Data to Drive Learning:
Teachers regularly analyse their student data to ascertain future learning needs, identify the need for enrichment or intervention, and to set learning goals with their students.