Religious Education

Religious Education at St James

Our Religious Education Mission Statement:

Religious education is at the centre of all that we strive to do at St James. It gives witness to, and supports the growth of faith within the children and the school community. This is reflected in the St James school motto of  'Living , Loving and Learning' as we work together to live and build valued relationships between, ourselves, others and God and make meaning in life by following our beliefs and actions. We pride ourselves on developing 21st century learners whilst incorporating the traditions of the Catholic Church. We challenge our students to enact their faith within a global setting and seek social justice in the world around them.


Religious Education and our Catholic identity underpin all that we do at St James Primary School. We teach according to the Catholic Education Melbourne’s Religious Education Curriculum  Framework and the Religious Dimension of ‘Horizons of Hope’. We look for opportunities for both staff and students to encounter God in their everyday lives. All classes begin their day by gathering in prayer together and once a week the classes participates in Christian meditation. Classes also take part in celebrations of the Eucharist throughout the year.


Using the Catholic Education Melbourne’s Religious Education Curriculum  Framework, Connected Learning and Pedagogy of Encounter, teachers plan and deliver lessons using the following learning structure: three strands, five context areas and learning progressions.

Three Strands

  • Knowledge and Understanding, i.e. seeking truth

  • Reasoning and Responding, i.e. making meaning

  • Personal and Communal Engagement, i.e. living story

Five Context areas:

  • Scripture and Jesus

  • Church and Community

  • God, Religion and Life

  • Sacrament, Prayer and Liturgy

  • Morality and Justice

This supports all to have the opportunity to:

  • nurture one's development and relationship with God

  • bear witness to the possibility of a truly personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • encounter the Catholic beliefs, teachings and values through learning experiences

  • experience learning that integrates the light of faith, the joy of discovery and the richness of diverse cultures

  • build community, permeated by freedom and love

  • support learners to imagine and work towards a world of justice, peace and flourishing for all of creation


Through our Sacramental Program students and families are supported in preparing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation through information sessions, commitment masses, reflection days and Religious Education lessons. Lesson are lead by the classroom teacher with the support from the Religious Education Leaders and Faith Team.

Year 3 - Holy Eucharist

Year 4 - Reconciliation

Year 6 - Confirmation

Non sacramental year levels with the support of Father Martin and the Religious Education Leader will participate in Faith Evenings.

It is the expectation that staff attend Sacramental Masses.

Year Level Masses

Throughout the year classes will lead one of the Sunday Masses at the St James pop-up church. With the Religious Education Leader, classroom teachers will organise and attend the Mass. It is the expectation that all students within the level attend the Mass with their families.